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Hoon’s Collection

Our story, build by Bruneian.

In Hoon’s Collection, we believe that providing good quality products is not enough. We drives our employees to be constantly up standard when serving our customer, as we see customer as our family. Our vision is to walk with our customer to every corner of the world. Where our mission is to provide products that is with quality but yet affordable.

A brief history of us. In the year 1979, our founder, Mr. Hoon runs a tailor in Kuala Belait, an oil & gas town in Brunei, which is a family business. As year goes by, tailor made goods are declining due to the less demand, and the strong growth of ready-made clothing created a turning point for Mr. Hoon. He started off by bringing in clothing and fashionable items in the year 1984. Mr. Hoon was one of the first person to introduce fashion in the land of Brunei. Few years later, he started to explore into shoes business. Where he then created a brand named, Frano Maggie and Casa Blanca Paris. Both of these brand is worn by the population in Brunei since. In 1990, our first outlet opened its door in Athirah Complex, which was the first shopping mall in Brunei. The brand soon became famous throughout Brunei, people likes the design of our shoes. It’s a one stop store where people can get all range of shoes from baby to adulthood. We have witnessed cycle of families whom they were once kids brought by their parents and now it’s their turn to buy for their children.

After all the support that Bruneian have given us, we have more outlets opened, and also tenure one in Yayasan Shopping Complex, one of the largest shopping complex in Brunei. With its grand design, and lively atmosphere, it attracts shoppers from the country and also tourists from different countries to visit. This gave us a great opportunity to serve more
customers, as well as to establish our brand even further.